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Having multiple insurance policies is essential for different reasons. The bottom line is insurance policies provide peace of mind in a variety of situations. Parsons & Howard Insurance Group is here to help Kentucky residents with their insurance needs.

Home Insurance

Home insurance is vital for protecting your home from unfortunate events, such as a fire. Your home is one of the most significant investments you will make in your life, and it's best to protect your dwelling. This type of insurance includes dwelling and other structure coverage, personal property and personal liability coverage, and a variety of additional coverages that protect you in unfortunate events.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is required by law in Kentucky. If you intend to operate a motor vehicle, your car needs to be insured. Each state has its state minimum insurance coverage. In Kentucky, you must have an active insurance policy that reflects the state's minimum insurance requirements to comply with the law. There are additional auto insurance options that provide additional coverage for your vehicle, passengers, and other drivers.

Commercial Insurance

Business owners in Kentucky must have an active commercial insurance policy. If your business uses one or more vehicles, you will also need to have a commercial auto policy. Commercial insurance protects your company in the event you are sued or involved in other mishaps. Worker's compensation is a part of commercial insurance, and it allows you to pay your employees a fixed income if they are hurt on the job.

Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you casually cruise the town and highway on your motorcycle, or your motorcycle is your primary transportation, Kentucky requires you to carry motorcycle insurance. In Kentucky, like auto insurance, you must carry the state's minimum required coverage, which is compulsory liability insurance. This type of liability insurance helps cover the costs associated with the damage and injuries of others if you're held liable for the accident.

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Boat/watercraft insurance protects your watercraft or boat in the event of an accident. This insurance also protects your family and the equipment you have on your boat. Protection for your watercraft or boat also includes fishing boats, pontoons, sailboats, and ski boats.

Life Insurance

Life insurance ensures your family can maintain their living expenses in the event of your passing. This type of insurance handles the fees associated with paying your final expenses, paying off debt, or replacing income. Life insurance makes sure your family can manage the daily expenses if you pass away.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance provides peace of mind for a variety of situations. If your home is deemed uninhabitable due to a disaster, this insurance policy handles the fees of renting a new home or apartment or the cost to stay in a hotel. This insurance policy also covers most, if not all, of the medical expenses if a guest is injured in your home.

At Parsons & Howard Insurance Group, we are dedicated to providing you with reliable and affordable insurance solutions. We provide our services to Kentucky residents and business owners. Contact us to learn more about our insurance solutions and how we can help you.

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