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Motorcycle Insurance

If you love to ride, it’s easy to overlook the dangers that you face when riding your motorcycle on Kentucky’s open highways. Motorcyclists are at higher risk of accidental injuries than auto drivers due to being more exposed to the road. Motorcycle insurance can help offset the damage that motorcycle accidents can cause. Here’s how a motorcycle insurance policy from Parsons & Howard Insurance can protect you.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage in Kentucky

Like auto insurance, motorcycle policies offer different types of coverage to protect you against accidents. This includes:

Collision, comprehensive, and UM insurance protect your bike; liability insurance protects others in accidents you cause.

Motorcycle Insurance Saves You Money

All motorcycle owners in Kentucky are required to carry minimum liability coverage. Liability coverage protects others by paying for their injuries or property damage in accidents that are your fault. Sometimes you just can’t prevent an accident from happening, especially if you’re tired of traveling in bad weather. Liability insurance protects you financially by paying for damages to other drivers in accidents you cause.

Accidents can also cause extensive damage to your bike, which is why you need more than just liability coverage. If your motorcycle is damaged in a crash, collision coverage will help cover its repairs. If your bike is stolen or damaged by bad weather or vandalism, comprehensive insurance will help compensate you for damage or loss. If you’re hit by someone who doesn’t have insurance, UM coverage will help to repair your bike. The right motorcycle insurance coverage can save you a substantial amount of money in repair costs.

Where to Obtain Quality Motorcycle Coverage

For quality motorcycle insurance at a price you can readily afford, turn to the insurance experts as Parsons & Howard Insurance Group. We’ll help you make wise insurance choices that provide the essential protection you need. Call or visit us today for all your motorcycle insurance needs.

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